My Time with Rogue Cinema – By Jim Morazzini


This will appear in the 13th Anniversary issue of Rogue Cinema, which will sadly also be the last issue. I was only around for the last couple of years, though I wished I had discovered the site much sooner.

I’d previously done reviews for an Australian website DVD Resurrections back in the days of physical DVD screeners. Since a lot of indies didn’t want to spend the postage to send discs down under I got everything that had to have a US reviewer. After it folded I tried writing my own blog but getting anyone to read yet another reviewer’s site was much harder than writing the reviews so I gave up. A few years later I decided to give it another shot, mostly to prove to a friend I still could do it. I had three reviews go up on a large site, (which shall remain nameless), before I got unhappy with how the did things and looked for a new home for my writing. I submitted a review of the Aussie sci-fi/horror film Infini as a sample of my work. Duane was good enough to accept it and publish it in the July 2015 issue. He gave me my freedom to review what I wanted to and I happily did just that sending write ups of all manner of films from straight to DVD action films to microbudget horror.

After about six months as a contributor I became part of the staff and began getting assigned screeners to review. I’ve always been of two minds about this, while it meant I saw some great films I’d never have heard of otherwise, it also meant watching loads of stuff out of my areas of interest. It certainly widened my horizons though I wonder if a few of them wouldn’t have fared better being reviewed by somebody who was a fan of romantic comedies or dramas. Rogue Cinema also saw my first coverage of a film festival (the 2014 Sakatoon Fantastic Film Festival), and my first interview with Trevor Juras, whose film The Interior was screened there.

But like all good things. It had to end. The writing’s been on the wall for a while now and Rogue Cinema will conclude it’s run on it’s 13th anniversary. I’ll continue to write reviews, covering horror and exploitation films for Beneath the Underground but I’ll miss the fun of seeing what I got for screeners each month and the freedom to choose from any and all genres,

Thanks to Duane for taking a chance on me and giving me the freedom to run with it and thanks to everyone who read my ramblings. And thanks to the filmmakers who’s work I got to see and who’s feedback, even if it wasn’t always good, helped me improve my work.

Thanks again