My Wallet / Captain Undergarments (2006) – By Joshua Samford

 Hey everybody! The internet is a pretty miraculous tool isn’t it? So much knowledge to be found, so many various ways to express yourself… the pornography. It is a wonderful world of adventure right at our fingertips every time we decide to log on! Anyway, with the great connection we all share, it’s only inevitable that slowly we begin to express our art with one another, and with the emergence of speedy connections the world over – it was only a matter of time before film and video made it to the market. With websites such as youtube, dailymotion and even myspace helping further a lot of filmmakers and their causes – it seems prudent to start taking these guys up and giving them a shot. So, when Duane passed this filmmaker and his resume off to me, I decided to give Mr. Gonzales and his films a look; and there’s some truly hilarious and entertaining stuff in here.

My Wallet
You ever see that one short in Creepshow 2 where that woman accidentally ran over that hitchhiker – who kept coming back to her in visions as she travelled down the highway until he started stalking her and it became oddly hilarious how he would keep asking her for a ride, even while she smashed his head in with the car? Well, ever wondered what that short would be like if it had starred The Three Stooges and had a guy with a hose in his pants that simulated his urinating on himself? Well if you have, then thank goodness, the guys over at Farce Productions have just made one of your wildest dreams come true! Take one part Three Stooges (also the Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, etc.), take one part Looney Tunes – and you get "My Wallet". I get the feeling that these guys would be a blast to hang around with, as I thought I was the only person sitting around still laughing at Looney Tunes cartoons and still buying Three Stooges box sets. My Wallet is about six or seven minutes, not counting the credits, and makes for a playful and hilarious watch. If you’re a fan of oddball, absurd and retro comedy – with the short films of Richard Gonzales, My Wallet is a great place to start.

The Adventures of Captain Undergarments
Captain Undergarments in some ways loses a bit in terms of narrative cohesiveness in comparison to "My Wallet", but hey, when the cast is made up of children who are helping in the writing department and are given a medium to express their silliest desires – what do you expect? Captain Undergarments is a story of a superhero who… well, he wears undergarments and he fights for them to the best of my knowledge. He also fights other kids who sound like miniature Arnold Schwarzennegers, and if you’ve been to the places I’ve been – you KNOW that mini-Arnold’s are almost ALWAYS bad. So yeah, silliness reigns supreme once again in the world of Farce productions and Captain Undergarments clocks in at a brisk seven minutes as well. Although the comedy ends up being more of the children’s variety of silly acting up, the editing and post production work actually gives the movie a lot more of a legitimate feel than what 95% of people could pull off in their backyard despite what they might think. Also, you have to commend Gonzales for being able to keep everything on-track and heading in one principal direction, I can imagine how that might be difficult. My highest recommendations for the film comes because… hey, how many other flicks do you know where kids wear bras (boys), have slap fights (yes, I said these are boys) and do their best to put on the cheesiest foreign accents they can muster? The answer is not many I bet.

New Old Captain Undergarments
There really is no describing just what is going on in New old Captain Undergarments, because I don’t think anyone else on the planet can quite explain it either. The shortest of the three features I’ve seen from Mr. Gonzales, New Old Captain Undergarments takes a little bit from the first Undergarments film, and adds a little bit to the pot and stirs into a completely insane little short. Captain Undergarments’ nemesis is back once again stealing the underpants of the innocent, and Captain Undergarments – who for some reason is now a middle-aged homeless man with a drinking problem – must get on the case! This of course means a ton more fart jokes and more insane characters running around doing oddball things. Such as a young man/lady (a fairly androgynous character) who talks to his/her sock puppet and occasionally goes into shouting hysterics which are only silenced when he/she hits his/herself over the head with a hammer… but of course. Then of course there is this New Old Captain Underpants himself, who apparently has developed the power to… well, there’s no nice way to say it, but far out pies. Yeah, I’d say these guys are pretty out there, but speaking as someone who is a little out there myself, I have to say I’m a fan now and I’ll be checking their films out later on. I definitely recommend the films, and you can see all of them here:

Check them out and give the guys a good word, I’m sure every line is appreciated. We have to support our insane independent filmmakers, for without them we would all be much more bored than we are now.