My Year in Review – By Brian Morton

Every year around this time, I like to sit back and reflect on all the movies that I’ve watched through the past year. Now, to say I watch a lot of movies might be one of the biggest understatements of the decade…just asks my wife! So, here are the criteria, the movies are in no certain order…there’s no ‘Brian’s Number One Movie’ here, it has to be a movie that I liked and that stayed with me. If you watch as many movies as I do, there’s always an issue with remembering a particularly unmemorable film. So, now that we know that these are movies that I loved that I think you’ll love too, let’s check out my top movies of 2010.

Let’s start with a short, Something Just. This simple but elegant little short is a classic revenge tale with a twist. Sort of a spiritual revenge flick. It’s short but powerful and it’s a movie that you’ll want to check out. Head over to and check it out for yourself!

Next up is Welcome Home ‘The Jay Randall Story’, a cool movie about a small town guy who wants to be an actor. Jay heads to Hollywood with stars in his eyes, only to be knocked down again and again. Jay reluctantly heads home, only to face scoffing from friends and family. And, as we all know, when your friends turn on you, you might just lose it…and Jay does! This cool indie movie goes from what seems to be an after school special to horror flick in such a smooth way that you’ll find yourself wondering if the moral of the story is to kill your friends! Check it out for yourself by heading over to

You liked those, but felt like you just needed a few more hot chicks in your movies? Well then, how about JimmyO Buril’s, The Good Sisters? April Buril and Debbie Rochon play a couple of reincarnated sisters who may, or may not, be witches. Their paranoia grows to the point that they don’t trust anyone and soon start to believe that everyone in the apartment building they live in is plotting against them. You’ve got a great story, great acting and, let’s face it, April and Debbie are pretty easy on the eyes! Check this out for yourself by heading over to

Hot chicks aren’t your thing? You dig the dudes? Hey, not a problem, try the great Russian film, 9th Company. Set during the 80s when Russia was in Afghanistan fighting, this is an amazing movie that will take you inside the minds of the old Soviet Union and how they dealt with Afghanistan (which is widely known as Russia’s Vietnam). Check out this very cool movie by heading over to

Looking for something a bit less cerebral and more goofy fun? Well, then check out Damned By Dawn, this cool Australian movie that sort of reminded me of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead. A girl visiting her dying grandmother interrupts a spirit sent to take her grandmother’s soul. Well, since the spirit is already here, and it’s a bit angry, why not take a few more souls with it?? And then the bloody battle begins! It’s a terrific little horror movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Have your soul taken by heading over to

Still interested in a good war movie? Well, another great one I caught this year was The Good Soldier. Set in England, this tells the story of a young man who’s drawn into a revolution against the current government. His older friends try to talk him out of it, telling him of the horrors of war, but he won’t listen and soon he’s in the middle of it. When he finds that he excels at waging war, he also discovers that the violence will eat away at your soul. It’s a very cool indie from England and it’s well worth your time. Join the battle yourself by doing a search over at

That anti-government sentiment ringing in your ears still? Then you’ll want to grab a copy of Scott Goldberg’s latest, Mr. Mullen. This short is the tale of a man who’s lost everything in the economic crash of the past few years and his disillusionment with the government. But, instead of just complaining (like the rest of us), he begins to take down members of the local government and their families! Mr. Mullen is a pretty powerful piece, one that will make you think about how life is right now in the U.S. and how people are reacting to it. You can catch this one over at

Alright, let’s shake off the seriousness and take a trip into good old fashioned 80s style exploitation, shall we? And, no one does that better than my old friend Greg Lamberson with his latest movie, Slime City Massacre. A semi-sequel to Greg’s 80s classic, SCM is the tale of a future city where, amongst the ruins, a small group of people find the legendary Himalayan Yogurt, a yogurt that turns you into a slime monster! Well, there’s more to it than that, but the great Debbie Rochon is here, there’s tons of slime and blood (sometimes at the same time) and it’s just a fun little movie! You can find out more and even grab yourself a copy over at

Speaking of friends, Randy DeFord put out an interesting little movie this year too. It’s called Section 5 and it’s the story of a woman who goes back home after the death of her father, only to find out that someone else is living on the farm…and he just might be involved in a series of murders that have been plaguing the area for years. While I didn’t give it my top rating, it’s still a movie that stuck with me. It’s got good acting, a great story and is a movie that’s well worth your time. Visit Section 5 for yourself by clicking over to

Well, that about wraps it up, but I’ve got space for one more. How about a little mind-warper called Happily After? This amazing movie begins as a simple little romance movie, then morphs and twists itself out of shape until you’ll be pulling your hair out by the end! It’s a very cool indie movie that hasn’t been seen a lot and really deserves a wide audience, it’s a movie that stuck with me and had me re-watching it more than once!! Grab a copy for yourself…trust me, do it…by heading over to

Well, that wraps up this year, and if I forgot a movie, please forgive me, these are the ones that came bubbling to the surface of my mind and tended to resurface over and over as the year went on. Each one if a bit different, and each has it’s good and bad points…but none of them disappointed and all of them were worth multiple viewings! So, until the 2011 models begin hitting, keep Rogue Cinema in your favorites list and we’ll keep you up to date on some of the best indie movies out there…no matter what year it is!!