Naked News Uncovered (2014) – By Shawn Laasch

Naked News Uncovered provides the behind-the-scenes story of a news show where the attractive female anchors disrobe through the course of their reporting. The arc of the first season is the changes that the program must make to generate more traffic, throughout which we learn more of the personalities that drive the show. We meet the producer, the writers, and the anchors we get to watch in various states of undress.

Fortunately, the show goes beyond the titillation and discusses everyone’s opinions on the nudity, the objectification of women, and the format of news presentation. It is a meditation on the lust of men in many ways, and yet also lacks much in the way of compelling material (despite my person love of nudity). It could be the show format, which might be too clear. A slightly more grainy picture, such as in The Office, would help the viewers suspend disbelief a bit more. As it is, the crisp video lets us see everything — both the good and bad. We see the crows-feet of one of the anchors, a pimple on the cheek of the other, and inevitable cellulite which not only distracts the viewer from the dialog, but also makes one confused about the central theme. It is unclear whether the show is trying to celebrate or denounce nudity. Instead, there is simply a presentation of “look, this is something”.

The series is very sly in its examination of prurient interests while still delivering the goods. It is enjoyable for this reason, but for anyone interested unabashed nudity, this show provides it too slowly, as if only working to meet a quota. For anyone looking for deeper reflections on news reporting versus journalism, there are a wide range of films and shows that do a better job.

Naked News Uncovered is available online at where episodes are available for purchase at $1.99 apiece or all eight episodes for the series is available (along with extra material) for only $14.99.