Navy SEALs Vs Zombies (2015) – Jim Morazzini


An outbreak of zombieism in Baton Rouge traps the Vice President of the United States in the capital building. An elite special forces team is sent to rescue him and runs into all manner of complications. After putting the VP on a chopper out, the rest need to fight their way to safety. And why does the CIA know so much about the outbreak?

I really hate to totally slag a film, but this one is just awful, doubly so being it’s an Anchor Bay release, which used to be a sign of an above average film. Just how bad is it? One of the SEALs has a beer gut that hangs over his belt. The film makers couldn’t even make the effort to get actors who looked the part. Considering director Stanton Barrett is a well known stunt man, (and NASCAR driver), he could easily have cast a few of his colleagues as the rescue team. Or even looked around the nearest gym for that matter…

The effects don’t help either, the zombie attacks are mostly just grab and bite affairs and the bullet hits and blood spray are really bad CGI. And the zombies are nothing special, just normal folk with some blood tossed on them.

The script is a pile of cliches, the new member of them, the one with the pregnant wife waiting for his return, the shady intelligence operative, government conspiracy, guy who sacrifices himself to save the others, reporter who won’t put the camera down no matter what… It’s been done a million times before and done a lot better.

This could have been a fun film, a band of heavily armed badasses blasting their way through a city full of the living dead, but the film makers drop the ball in every conceivable way. There’s really not much to say here except, avoid at all costs.