New World Order (2013) – By Misty Layne

The end has come, and a New World Order has arisen. Demi Holloway and Christen Brooks find themselves living in the apocalyptic era foretold in the Holy Bible. Now three years since the inception of the New World Order, the tyrant general known as the Supreme Chancellor sets out to bring the world under the rule of his master Lord Aldo De Luca. The Supreme Chancellor demands that all people of the world pledge their allegiance to Lord De Luca’s ideals by registry of a global census and that they should receive a mark to distinguish them as legal citizens of the order. Fixated with passion for his lord, the Supreme Chancellor orders all who fail to register themselves as citizens to be terminated. Demi and Christen are forced to make a choice to either live under the New World Order of the Antichrist or die for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Having been raised in the Bible Belt, I’ve seen my fair share of faith based films. Some are good – more are not that great, at least quality wise when it comes to effects or cinematography. Things look a little too fake or the story is a little too convoluted to try to drive home its point and sometimes they just seem as if they were filmed with a random handheld. New World Order doesn’t fall prey to any of this. The quality of the film is good. It’s obviously not blockbuster material but for an indie film, it’s got good quality. Nothing was fake looking or cheesy and the story was good.

I’ve always been a fan of apocalyptic, dystopian films but have only seen a few mainstream ones with a religious twist. This film really dives into the book of Revelations and starts in fast and furious with the action as our protagonists, Demi and Christen, are in the back of a van with several other people being driven to what seems their imminent doom. Then via flashbacks we get the whole story of how they got here in the first place. After the Rapture, life went on mostly as normal until Lord De Luca came along and the New World Order began. Demi is adamant that she’ll never take the Mark of the Beast and Christen has no plans to do so either. Unfortunately for them, the rest of their family members do take the mark and Demi’s family turns her in to boot. They’re immediately on the run and find a group of refugees, other Christians who refuse to take the mark as well.

Anything further will lead to spoilers and a twist I didn’t see coming, although maybe I should have. The acting here is good. Demi (Melissa Farley) and Christen (Erin Runbeck) both shine, though Demi is the more powerful of the two. This is not a happy movie. In fact, I was pretty depressed afterwards. It was a good movie though and as far as Christian films go, by far one of the better ones that I’ve seen. If the book of Revelations or the 2nd coming of Christ is something you’re interested in and you don’t mind a few tears, then this will be right up your alley.

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