Night Job (2017) – By Misty Layne


NIGHT JOB is a fun movie. Just a straight up fun to watch movie – only catch is you have to like talky films. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the talksters, you still might enjoy this one. It’s got a very CLERKS and EMPIRE RECORDS vibe about it. No idea if that was the intention but there ya go. It’s all about an (adorable!) temp night doorman named James, who on his first night on the job has several run-ins with residents, bootleggers, and con-men (and everybody in-between).

The cast of characters on display here is just fabulous. Abso-fucking-lutely fabulous. James is a nice boy with girl trouble who’s wondering just what he’s gotten himself into on this job. Romeo is the night super, probably 20 years older than James, who is busy with food, sex & drugs rather than work. Then there’s the parade of people who walk through that building’s door and the residents who live there. There’s a man who comes in and needs a key to get into his apartment because he had a fight with his girlfriend and she has his spare, who calls his girlfriend only to make James tell her that she’d better bring the key over right now or else. There’s two women who live above and below each other – one with crazy sensitive hearing and the other who has seemingly done everything but pad her entire apartment with rubber walls to make the other happy – who have a surprisingly reasonable confrontation in the lobby (seriously. I’ve seen these things go down. They usually end with police.) There’s the priest who comes in the middle of the night to perform an exorcism. And my absolute favorite character in this piece is the older woman whose eyesight is going, who asks James to look at her mail for her and sit and chat for a minute. Their conversation is just delightful. This film will make you think and will make you smile. The film is also in black & white, which was just PERFECTION. So very nice, guys!

I WAS getting a little tired by the end though – maybe a couple less people coming through the door would’ve been good (just not THE last one, aka the homeless guy because wtf, lol) – but this film just makes you kind of happy. Like in a “forget the world has gone to hell” kind of way. Big ups to these guys. You have made the world a better place and I thank you.

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