Night of the Vampires & Bad Review (2006) – By Jordan Garren

 Before I get into this review, I have to apologize to the guys at (Ramsteer Films. Rather than go into lame excuses as to why I failed to get this review done on time (like "I’m pulling two jobs right now" and "I was busy moving my website to a new domain and updating all the pages"), I’m just going to be a man, and sally forth with this review for two of the greatest indie flicks I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching! First up is Night of the Vampires, in which a guy named Tommy suddenly finds his home invaded by a vampire named Lucky (played by Andrew Henriques, who also created some original music for this flick).

Lucky is apparently a very old vampire and is currently sought after by a pair of vampire hunters named Jason and Jack Grant. These young hunters are out to avenge their father’s death and are relentless in their search for Lucky. To keep a low profile, Lucky hides out in Tommy’s house, and promises his human host the gift of immortality. All Tommy has to do to become a vampire, is provide Lucky with a steady supply of food on a nightly basis. Starting that very night, Tommy begins patrolling the streets with a baseball bat and begins "harvesting" unlucky pedestrians to feed his unwanted guest. Eventually, things come to a head, and Lucky comes out on top after fooling his vampire-killing foes and poor Tommy. (Though we don’t see it happen, it would appear that Lucky has turned all three of them into vampires.)

As the film ends, the Grant brothers’ followers (a not-so-merry band of fellow vampire hunters) continue their search for Lucky and his growing army of bloodsuckers. (Does this mean we can expect a sequel?!) Night of the Vampires is a fun horror/comedy that features one of the greatest vampiric characters that I’ve ever seen in a movie, namely Lucky! He is suave, persuasive, and downright evil, and Andrew Henriques really gives this creature of the night some attitude! (This is the vampire that Eddie Murphy wished he could’ve been in Vampire in Brooklyn!) His foil in the film is Tommy, played by Chris Fernandes. Tommy isn’t the brightest guy in the world and his interaction with Lucky is at times quite hilarious and makes for some truly memorable moments!

As you can see I really enjoyed this short film from writer/director Robert Harrison. At just forty-minutes, the movie rarely (if ever) drags, and is further enhanced by some great editing and an awesome soundtrack! On top of that, the film delivers a healthy dose of kung-fu fights, vamp stakings, baseball bat bludgeonings, and more, easily making Night of the Vampires one of the best indie vampire flicks that I’ve ever watched!

Next up on this double feature DVD was Bob Heckman’s Bad Review. In this film, actor Ryan Roc plays Larry Hama, the star of the popular Psycho Security Guard horror franchise. (A nod toward Maniac Cop perhaps?) When we first see Larry, he is anxiously awaiting a television critique of his latest film, Psycho Security Guard 6: The Final Shift. His excitement and anticipation soon turn to uncontrollable rage after the film is mercilessly bashed by critic Jim Winters. Something snaps in Larry’s mind at that very moment, which causes him to adopt the identity of his onscreen persona, Wallace Weems, the "Psycho Security Guard!" After murdering his girlfriend Courtney (trust me, she deserved it), and a really annoying neighbor (he deserved it too), Larry takes a train and goes to the home of Harrison, a bigwig producer for Ramsteer Films.

Larry ends up holding Harrison hostage, along with Wayne (the writer of the "Psycho Security Guard" films), and Josh Blaylock (the star of Psycho Security Guard 3 which had nothing to do with Larry’s character!). Larry ties them up, and holds them all at gunpoint as he gives all three guys a piece of his mind. After he has his say, Larry promptly gets a chainsaw and goes to town on all three guys! Larry then travels to the home of TV film critic Jim Winters and exacts revenge on him. Before Larry kills Jim, he reads off all the critic’s negative reviews for the Psycho Security Guard franchise, and delivers a counter argument for each one! (Awesome scene!) With his murderous escapades now over, Larry returns home, cracks open a beer, and watches TV with his dead girlfriend!

All I can really say about Bad Review is that it’s awesome! I loved this movie! It’s an extremely fun film to watch and Ryan Roc is awesome as deranged actor, Larry Hama! There’s tons of humorous scenes and dialogue in this flick and I was cheering Larry on as he took out all those responsible for killing off his beloved horror movie character! The movie is extremely well done and has a highly polished look (the editing is superb in this flick, as it was in Night of the Vampires) and at only twenty-seven minutes long, it never has time to get boring!

Night of the Vampires and Bad Review are both available on a double feature DVD from Ramsteer Films. (Buy it here!) The DVD also comes with a few extra features, including trailers for Night of the Vampires, Bad Review, Chosen, Secretary’s Day, and Remover. (All of which make up Ramsteer Films’ current film catalog.), a fun blooper reel, and finally a "hilarious Easter egg." (Easter Bunny Rampage! Hahahaha!) I was greatly impressed with these two short films from the Ramsteer Films team and I look forward to seeing more of their work in the near future! You guys rock!

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