Nightmares about the Dokken Dream Warrior Video – By Danny Runion

While some movie songs are remembered for having some truly great theme songs like Isaac Hayes theme song for "Shaft," most seem to be more generic. The late 80s saw the rise of the music video for original songs for horror soundtracks. How else would we have gotten Alice Cooper’s ode to every favorite camp counselor killing masked maniac, Jason Voorhees in "He’s Back (the Man Behind the Mask)?"

He has lent his unique raspy vocal styling to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s "Nightmare on my Street." Could helping the Fat Boys with their song "Are you Ready for Freddy?" be forgotten? The question is what is Freddy Krueger’s most frightening music video appearance? I haven’t been able to find any stills from the aforementioned songs. Although, his appearance in the video of Dokken’s "Dream Warriors" should automatically be at the top of ways for horror icons to have jumped the shark faster than the Freddy 900 phone line.

The Power of Dokken compels you!
The Power of Dokken compels you!

It definitely lacks the power of Max Von Sydow as the Exorcist. However, that invocation was still strong enough to stop Freddy Kreuger.

Think about it Freddy would have to use his glove to cut the hair off any hard rockin’ bassist and by the time that was done he’d be completely exhausted. Then the rest of the band could swoop in to finish him off. And to be honest, if you saw Dokken coming towards you, wouldn’t you want to flee?

The video starts off with the girl asleep in a room with the small dollhouse the camera zooms towards Patricia Arquette who is in the movie footage. If she is near the sheer virile manliness of Dokken, the same footage of her looking slightly surprised or smiling. Do many horror movies have characters smile or look slightly surprised instead of say running in terror from a seeming unstoppable killer?

Apparently, she awakens in the dream world of Dokken…The Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors footage is intercut. For being a horror movie very little of the movie is really shown: the dream house, the furnace, the small girl on the bicycle, and the dark hallways. For a song about Dream Warriors there is very little about Dream Warriors in the actual song.

Blondie wanders around as Dokken rocks out…She seems to be chased by Dokken. Their drummer even appears in the infamous Freddy Furnace…Shouldn’t any 80s hair metal band frighten her back to reality as more movie footage appears? For anyone craving to see any of Freddy’s more famous kills in this video will be disappointed. As she starts to feel Dokken isn’t stalking her, the members of the band are disappearing. Freddy finally makes a cameo. Nearly 4 minutes into the song, the great question shall be asked. Can Freddy stand the sheer torment of Dokken caterwauling? The poor Mr. Kreuger tries to cover his ears to escape the musical assault and battery. The power of hair metal is terrifying enough to force Freddy to wake up clutching a teddy bear.