Ninjas Vs. Vampires (2010) – By Cary Conley

Over the past few years, Vicious Circle, the extreme horror label for Breaking Glass Pictures, has picked up many very good low-budget horror flicks for distribution. I’ve been surprised and quite pleased with the vast majority of the films released under the VC label. However, with Ninjas Vs. Vampires, the good people at Vicious Circle may have made a misstep.

Ninjas Vs. Vampires is an ultra low-budget–and pretty bad–comedy/action/horror flick about, you guessed it…good ninjas taking on a group of vampire baddies that infest a particular town. It is the follow-up to 2008’s Ninjas Vs. Zombies, which is being billed as a "cult smash hit." While I haven’t seen the first film, it must have been popular enough to generate some interest in a second installment. However, judging by the second film in the series, this may very well be the last installment.

I have seen more than my share of shoestring-budget horror shot on a video camera, so I generally don’t mind that particular "feel" a shot-on-video film has. Unfortunately, there are too many other deficiencies in this film to overlook. First, the acting is generally below average. While some of the actors occasionally shine, many of them are just downright bad. While the acting isn’t great, the costumes for some of the vampires are worse. Some of the vampires wear plastic masks and Roman helmets along with what looks like pieces of football pads taped to their arms which makes characters that are supposed to be pure evil laughable at best.

There are plenty of special effects in the film and quite a bit of blood spurting, but they consist mainly of ultra-cheap digital effects along with a few crude opticals that further increase the "cheese factor" of the film. And that cheese factor may be the main draw for Ninjas Vs. Vampires. Many people will enjoy this silly film for what it is: mindless, low-budget fare on the level of a Troma picture (but maybe a notch or two below Troma). It could make a good episode of MST3K or possibly a fun Saturday night beer-and-popcorn get-together with a group of buddies. With enough beer, it could possibly fall into the "so bad it’s entertaining" category.

If you like this kind of flick–and there is definitely a market for this kind of low-budget cheese–then you can purchase a copy from Breaking Glass Pictures at or from other outlets such as Amazon or