Nipples and Palm Trees (2012) – By Brian Morton

As the old song goes, Love Stinks, yeah, yeah. Well, that’s basically the premise of this cool little movie from Cinema Epoch, Nipples and Palm Trees.

Director Dylan Reynolds has put together an interesting tale of Jackson, an artist in L.A., who’s looking for a relationship. He’s been on the ‘single guy’ circuit for a while and is tired of the standard love ‘em and leave ‘em relationships he’s been dealing with and is now looking for someone to spend time with and, perhaps, grow old with. The problem is that, in his circle, no one else is looking for the same thing that he is!

What we’re really given here is a look into the life of a ‘player’ who’s getting a bit tired of playing the game. All the pieces are still on the board, the swingers, the one night stands, the chick-who-likes-it-rough, but Jackson is just starting to notice that these things aren’t making his life better. Matt James, who plays Jackson, is perfectly cast as the jaded playboy whose feeling like it’s time to settle down. It’s a story that we are all familiar with…and if you’re not, then you will be, one day!

I’m giving Nipples and Palm Trees 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect and, at times, you’re going to feel uncomfortable…which I believe was Reynolds’ intent…but it’s still a movie that’s worth your time! Find out more and get a copy for yourself over at