Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas (2009) – By Brian Morton

There are low budget movies, there are micro-budget movies and then there are Hack Movies! And, when I say Hack Movies, I’m not demeaning the filmmakers; I’m talking about Kevin Strange and his company, Hack Movies. Well, Kevin’s 6th flick is out, he’s back in Strangeville, and it may be one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen on DVD! It’s Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas, and, as far as stoner comedies go, this one might take the cake…or bud, whichever you prefer.

As our story opens, Nixon is waiting for Santa to arrive with his gift. He’s asked for some good weed and can’t wait. His friend, Hogan, is waiting with him and together they might have two brain-cells to rub together. Well, when Santa does arrive, he’s got the wrong weed, you see, Santa had to steal some weed from Sasparilla The Weed Witch and he accidentally grabbed the Voodoo Zombie weed! And, since he’s tried a little on his way to Nixon’s house, Santa is now a zombie, and it’s up to Nixon and Hogan to finish delivering the presents, in order for Santa to keep his powers and for Christmas to keep coming around once a year. Their opponent is Sasparilla The Weed Witch, she wants Santa’s powers for herself, so she can take over Christmas and make everyone on Earth worship her. Now, it’s up to two of the dumbest stoners around to save Christmas and to save us all!

Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas is one of those indie movies that you just can’t stop watching, no matter how goofy it becomes. Nixon and Hogan are both loveable goofballs and the surrounding characters are equally funny, from the Christians who are out duos nemesis’ to the people who have their presents delivered by these two stoner, everyone is a pretty original character and each shows us why this is Strange-ville! I’m giving Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas 2 and 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, and if you’re easily offended then this will put you off right from the start. But, if you like a good laugh and don’t mind a ton of dick and poop jokes, then it’s right up your alley! You can find out more and grab a copy of Nixon and Hogan for yourself by linking over to the Hack Movies web site.