No Headache Tonight (2015) – By Kyle Hytonen

Jerry (Frankie Capobianco) spends his day running numerous errands for his wife. He does it because she knows how to push his buttons, mainly making him run around in circles for sex later on. Like any devout man, he adheres to her wishes, so when she asks him to pick up her gay friend Nate (Topher Hansson) and give him a ride, he reluctantly does so. Cutting the tension in the car, Jerry naively asks Nate what it’s like being gay, and with trepidation Nate answers back.

No Headache Tonight plays itself out very slyly as the two men strike up a conversation about Nate’s homo-erotic penchant for Jason Bateman and the possibility that Jerry himself might be gay. The dialogue and the performances from the two leads are enjoyable, and the film does make an interesting observation on how not only straight people perceive gays, but vice versa. There was also a very witty comment on how the social media lifestyle can fit into the curiosity of someone’s sexuality.

No Headache Tonight is most definitely a one-joke short, but it speeds along fast enough for us to enjoy the ride.