Normal (2012) – By Brian Morton

When I see a movie that is named ‘Normal’, I would honestly wonder how normal it might be. And, in the case of Nichols P. Richards’ movie, Normal, I was right on target…normal is way back in the rear view mirror on this one!

Phin is a pretty normal guy, just trying to make a living. His current job is wearing a gorilla suit for a local used car dealer. When Phin gets a call with a job offer making a ton of money for very little work, he jumps at the offer…but can’t get his gorilla suit off…so; it’s off dressed as a gorilla. The job is to take a strange man, named Mr. E, to Normal, Illinois and drop off a package. And, while that sounds simple, it gets very complicated for poor Phin, there’s a car break down, a hitched ride with a couple of criminals and…of all things…a trip into the future!!! That’s right; somehow Phin finds a rip in time and meets a woman from the future!

Now, while this might all sound strange and confusing, Normal is actually a great little movie. Phin is relatable and you really want to see the poor guy get a break, in fact, all of the actors are great, the story is cool and it’s a movie that’s well worth your time. If you’re looking from something that’s not all that ‘normal’, then grab yourself a copy of Normal…and sit back and enjoy the ride! Find out more over at