Not Fade Away (2013) – By Kirsten Walsh

“Not Fade Away” was screened as part of the “Mystical, Amusing, Mysterious, and Macabre Shorts” on Friday evening at the Alexandria Film Festival.

The short film has an extremely interesting plot, if you can navigate through the trickiness of it. A look at the lives of others who are affected by the careless jumping of a time traveler. It is something you never really see in these crazy time traveling films like “Back to the Future” or “Primer”- how the everyday Joe is affected by their existence as they know it to just end because Marty McFly changed everything again! Of course, its an argumentative science behind the idea for the plot- but that’s a conversation better had over a glass of wine with Tesla present.

This film was directed by Rodney Reyes and features New York actor Jonathan Weirich and was originally written for a timed film competition. It is well done, with nice visual effects, putting the audience in the near future and using technology we don’t have yet, such as voice activated cameras that flit and fly around the room. The film is merely a glimpse at two “ordinary” people who realize that their timeline as they know it is coming to an end, and try to make their last few minutes as memorable as possible. With a futuristic take on found footage films, this film is unique and stands alone as a great idea that could definitely be expanded on. The end has a great twist that leaves the audience wanting more, and the film has the capability of being extremely successful on the festival circuit with its somewhat high concept idea.

You can see the film in its entirety here: