Not in My Beans (2013) – By Brian Morton

It seems that fame is something that everyone wants these days. Not for what they do, or for who they are, but just for the sake of fame. The problem is that once you get fame, it often transforms your life into something you never wanted. That’s (sort of) the premise of Not in My Beans by Grayson Whitehurst.

Not in My Beans is about a sit-com, well, a sit-com actor. After living in the sit-com, he hears something behind the walls, only to discover that he’s been living in an un-reality all this time. He’s confused and isn’t sure how to deal with it, when he’s trussed up, rushed away and replaced with the next ‘star’ of the show!

Not in My Beans is pretty short, clocking in at less than 5 minutes, but communicates a ton. This is really a movie about fame and how, once having it, you might not get what you expect from it. It’s a short film that says a lot in just a little time.

I’m giving Not in My Beans 4 out of 4 cigars for getting it right in such a short time and on a small budget….it’s a movie that those Kardashians should see and take heed of. If you know the Kardashians, or just want to check it out yourself, head over to