Nothing To Something (2014) – By Brian Morton

I love a good documentary, it opens up worlds that I’ve never heard of and allows me to take a peek at something going on, usually right around me, that I was totally unaware of. That’s the case with a new short doc from Michael Artiles called Nothing To Something, about famed photographer Keith Major.

Keith grew up with very little and has managed to take his artistic vision and become one of the most sought after photographers in the fashion (and most other) world! We see how Keith began with one bad camera and used his ingenuity and his talent to move further and further up the ladder, using mostly his talent and his tenacity! It’s a very interesting doc, my only complaint was that it was a bit short. I know, how much can you say about taking pictures, but I felt like there was more to Mr. Major than we were seeing, and I would have enjoyed seeing into his private life and further into his background.

I’m giving Nothing To Something 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s very good, but it felt like the beginning of a documentary that I would have enjoyed seeing all of! Find out more for yourself by heading over to