November Son: October Moon 2 (2010) – By Brian Morton

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of catching one of the first (if not THE first) gay themed horror movie, October Moon. It was an amazing little indie film and I’ve always wondered why writer/director Jason Paul Collum didn’t do a follow up sooner. Well, with some ‘about times’ all around, its here, November Son: October Moon 2 is now available and it’s been worth the wait.

November Son picks up sometime after the first movie, all the same people are here and the effects of the first movie are still being felt. Emily, Elliot’s mother, is still mourning her son, and regretting not embracing him while he was alive, now a new man, Eli, has come to town and has taken a job with her. Soon, Emily is fixated on Eli, somehow seeing him as a surrogate son that can get her the redemption that she craves. But there’s something else going on here too, Eli’s parents are in town and they each seem to have their own agenda and slowly Emily is finding her sanity seemingly unraveling because of Eli.

When all is revealed, Mr. Collum has managed to take his original movie and top it. While November Son is sold as ‘gay themed’, these are themes that we can all relate to, family, friends and relationships are universal and in November Son we see how they can be good and how they can be used against us.

I’m giving November Son: October Moon 2, 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a great follow up to a cool movie and its well worth your time. You can grab a copy for yourself by heading over to