Nowheresville (2011) – By Brian Morton

You would think that a movie about a casino heist would be a very hard thing to make work in an indie movie. The same can be said of a period movie, but writer/director Jonathan Talbert managed to take that premise and make a very good ‘heist’ type movie, set in the 60s on a very low budget! It’s called Nowheresville and it’s well worth your time.

Simon is an FBI agent who’s had some career issues. Now, he’s been placed on a surveillance job that has him sitting in a motel listening to a couple who have just robbed a casino, trying to find out where the money is. Trouble comes when Simon crosses paths with Samantha, a woman who’s involved with the heist. The two quickly fall in love and soon Simon is dreaming of running away with Samantha. The problem is that Samantha may be in love with Simon, or she may just be out to get the money for herself.

Crosses and double-crosses abound within Nowheresville, who’s side is Samantha on, who’s side is Simon on, Simon’s boss, Samantha’s husband…everyone has their own agenda and everyone wants the money to themselves! Talbert has managed to capture all the tension of a great heist movie, all without leaving the confines of a couple of motel rooms! A feat that can’t be easy with the largest of budgets! But Talbert manages it here because he’s got a good story and a cast of great actors, especially Chris Huse as Simon and Sharina Martin as Samantha, you can see how easily someone might be drawn into any sort of caper when Samantha calls you.

I’m giving Nowheresville 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a great crime drama that never gets dull or feels slow…even though you’ll realize later that we’ve never left the motel! Check in to Nowheresville for yourself by heading over to