Numb (2016) – By Misty Layne


Ever had those moments where you just couldn’t feel ANYTHING? No happiness or anger or sadness but it’s because anger or sadness put you there in the first place? A disassociation with the world at large where you can’t relate to people who do these things like “smile” or “care” or..whatever? That’s the basis of Penelope Lawson’s latest short film NUMB.

There are different ways of filling the void when people go numb like that – eating, drinking, self-harm – but our protagonist, Astrid, chooses sex. Whilst at a rooftop party, her lover fell to his death, but it’s been long enough that her roommate encourages her to finally give his clothing away but also to come and hang out with their friends again. Instead Astrid goes around town propositioning men – married or otherwise – for a quick and dirty fuck or one night stands in an attempt to feel normal again. Needless to say, it doesn’t work and while, by the end of the film, Astrid isn’t anywhere near “normal” again, she has at least made the first step to rediscovering herself.

As someone who has experienced (and experiences) this feeling more than you should know about (ha), I found the film an excellent look into the psyche of this form of depression and despair. It was true to life, and it HURT. Astrid felt real – sometimes uncomfortably so – and Rebecca Martos can only be praised for her portrayal. Playing a character such as this can be a heavy weight but it’s one she upheld remarkably.

This one is aces, guys. Check it out on IMDB and go give ’em some love over on Facebook!