Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers (1985) – By Duane L. Martin

In yet another Nikkatsu Films entry about a nurse’s dorm, we’re presented with Yuki. A nurse who had married a cop who was now divorced and decided to move back into the nurse’s dorm with the other nurses including the super cute Noriko and Mayumi, who can’t decide between her undertaker driver boyfriend Makoto and a doctor from the hospital she her her sights set on simply for the money and the prestige that would go along with being his wife. There’s also a dorm supervisor with bulldog who’s secretly into S&M. She straps a light to the bulldog’s head and sends him through the halls to keep a watch on things at night. Yuki is one of those free spirits who’s up for anything, and her return to the dorm creates all kinds of havoc, but it’s a fun kind of havoc. Everyone seems to like her except for the dorm supervisor, and even her ex-husband desperately wants her back. How does it all end up? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

The Nikkatsu Erotic Film Collection can really be divided into two categories – the serious films and the fun films, which is the category I personally prefer. This one is one of the fun ones. It’s light and entertaining with decent sex and a story that’s actually coherent for the most part. The girls are attractive and the sex for the most part is pretty decent. There are some twitchy twelve year old moments, which I’ve complained about many times before, but all in all it’s not too bad.

There’s some pretty decent comedy in the film as well. Like when her ex-husband is climbing up onto the balcony and sees Yuki having sex with Noriko, he’s so shocked that he falls off the ladder. The next time we see him he’s bandaged up from head to toe. In another scene, the doctor dresses as a woman to sneak into the dorms to see Mayumi. The dog with the light on his head is pretty amusing as well.

Part of the fun of the film is that Yuki is such a free spirit. Nothing at all seems to phase her. Even when the dorm supervisor is punishing them by forcing them to go on a long run, she does it with a contented smile on her face. I can’t say the end made a whole lot of sense, but hey, you can’t have everything, right?

This new release from Impulse Pictures contains newly translated English subtitles, the original theatrical trailer, liner notes from Japanese film historian Jasper Sharp and reversible cover art.

Just as a note, the film is being sold under the name Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers, but the menu screen and subtitles call it Nurse Girl Dorm: Assy Fingers, so don’t look at the menu and think you got the wrong film or anything like that. It’s just a minor discrepancy.

I always enjoy the fun entries in the Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection, and this one is no exception. Even if they’re not always laugh out loud funny, they’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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