Nursery Rhyme (2014) – By Loida D Garcia

We open on a woman, who is wearing way too much eyeliner and shadow, driving into an apartment complex.  Obviously something is up…

At first the film looks like it would be a lower quality movie, but that lower quality look quickly transformed to the look and feel of an 80’s movie.  From the start the intro movie had me hooked.  There was just something about it playing while hearing the little girls skipping rope that made me drop everything I was doing and truly sit down to watch this.  All I could think of during the entirety of this film was “Man, I’m really enjoying this!”

One of the things that stuck out as an important detail was the amount of eye make up that the lead was wearing.  In the back of my mind I kept feeling that it would play an important role.  From the beginning you could tell that she was extremely on edge and anxious.  More so then someone would be in most stressful situations.  The acting was too good for me to chalk it up to over acting either.  In fact the acting of everyone involved in this film was great!  None the less I was really looking forward to the story unfolding and discovering why she was in such an emotional state.  

And then it hit!  Like a ton of bricks!  Holy shiza!  This film went there…it truly went there, and it did so in such a successful and creepy manner.  Even though nothing truly “harsh” (at first) was shown the way that it was all implied during the flashback scenes made me feel absolutely creeped out!  I did notice that the flashback scenes were shot in the same cottage that the character was currently renting.  I wasn’t sure if that was done on purpose to show just how hard of a time she is having separating her past from her present, or if it was due to budgetary reasons.  Either way, it didn’t really distract from the situation or feeling of the scene…just more of an observation.  

I loved how supporting, amazing, and protective her new neighbors were.  It sort of made me want to live in that little community.  A place where everyone looks after each other and doesn’t judge you.  Truly the best neighbors I have ever seen and certainly the best that have ever been shown in film!  

I went from trying to figure out why our lead was so anxious in the beginning to being the anxious one by the middle of the film.  I was just overcome with anxiety as I sat back and watched everything unfold.  That unforeseen ending!  Holy shit!  Talk about awesome!  I had a tiny little hunch that MAYBE, MAYBE, that was going to happen but I never even gave it enough thought!  And then BAM!  WOW!  

CHILLS!  Absolute chills!

The overall cinematography was great!  Nothing artsy, or too out of the box, but it still worked out beautifully for this film.  All of the actors were amazing as I mentioned above.  The script of genius!  And the lighting and sound was wonderful!  

My overall opinion, watch this!  Watch this!  Watch this!  In any way that you can, watch this film!  

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — MOVIE THEATRE!!!

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Taleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Vegan!