Officer Downe (2017) – By Jason S. Lockard


With the release of the film Officer Downe the hardnosed character went from the comic pages to the film screen. Now Image comics releases a new deluxe edition of the graphic novel that started it all.

The story follows Officer Terrence Downe an L.A. cop who enforces the law by any means neccesarry and with out any regard for his own life. And why is this well, it’s because Officer Downe is immortal so to speak. The LAPD has harnessed pychic power to bring Officer Downe back everytime owe of his enemies feels they have finished him off.

The ultraviolent story is by Joe Casey and the artwork by Chris Burnham. They are a perfect conbination for this stpory to be told. the art work of Chris Burnham brings the unbelievable characters to realistic life.

This all-new edition features not only the eye popping graphics of the book that started it all. But it includes the screen play for the film starring Kim Coates and hundreds of behind the scenes photos.

So if your a fan of gory violent world of Office Downe this brand new Trade paperback is a must own. It’s proof you can’t keep a good officer down. Head over to and find out how to get your copy today!
Moral Rating: violence, sexual content, nudity and profanity
Audience: adults
Genre: comic book
Released: 2017
Rating: B