On My Way (2012) – By Tiffany Apan

As someone whose passion is music (both listening and playing/performing), I tend to look forward to pieces that involve film and story images being set to music as the background. It brings back a bygone era where a music video was made to help tell a story behind a song and showcase the artist’s musical, artistic, and performance ability. Chavar Dontae’s music video/short film for his song, “On My Way” (directed by Nathan Elias) is one of those pieces of story-telling work.

“On My Way” tells the rather simple, yet poignant, story of an artist sacrificing a loving relationship in order to go pursue his dream and life-long passion. He does ask her to come with him, but she is unable to accept his proposal. Later, the artist returns home to find that his former love has moved onto another relationship. The artist copes with his memories and the acceptance of his initial decision to leave. The film can provoke the question of destiny and if things are meant to be. Or is it our own free will that can dictate the outcome of our destiny? Or can it be a little of both?

“On My Way” combines the art of narrative cinema, traditional music videos, and avant-garde filmmaking. Each element in the film works seamlessly with the other and it makes for a very well put together piece of art. Nothing seems to drag nor is the pace so quick that you don’t even know what you’re watching. The artist (Dontae), the director (Elias), and the rest of the filmmaking team were able to take three different elements of filmmaking and put them together beautifully without anything feeling forced. Overall, I think it’s a fine piece of art and I feel it has great potential to be enjoyed by a wide audience.

“On My Way” is featured on Chavar Dontae’s EP titled “Indiesoulrocknroll: About a Girl From Westland".

You can find more about Dontae at Indiesoulrocknroll and hear more on his MySpace page.

You can watch “On My Way” on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1zenQAItQQ