On the Horizon (2013) – By Misty Layne

Sometimes as a reviewer, a film comes along and it’s the absolute perfect thing for you at just the right moment. Everything when you sit down to watch is as it should be – your mood, whether it’s quiet or loud, your frame of mind…that’s what happened when I sat down to watch On The Horizon and fell in love. Had all the stars not aligned, I would’ve still enjoyed On the Horizon – there would’ve been a mild crush, a waning flirtation – you can’t help but to want it to take you in and share its secrets.

Written and directed by Pascal Payant, On the Horizon is five minutes of visual poetry, words so often left unspoken said over the back drop of two women, separately, in the desert. It’s a story of broken love, lost love, unrequited love, love in so many forms and it couldn’t be more intense or more beautiful. Each note lingers when it’s finished and by the time the film is done, you’re remembering how you felt when this happened to you last or worst or thanking the gods you made it through. What makes this even more impressive is that the entire thing was shot in 3 hours with no crew and no budget.

I have no complaints. Sometimes it’s too easy to tear short films down as it’s a complicated format but Payant clearly knows what he’s doing here because he plays everything to perfection. Go – seek – watch. You’ll fall in love.

You can discover more about Payant and On the Horizon at his website. You can also find more information at Facebook and Twitter.