On Top (2012) – By Brian Morton

We’ve all seen hookers in movies, but what about those ‘high class’ hookers we all hear about? You know the ones who make a ton of money and are really ‘classy’ chicks. Well, a new movie from Jason Baustin called On Top, gives us a glimpse into one such lady-of-the-evening.

Adriana is a woman, who’s used her body to get ahead, and she’s gotten WAY ahead, she’s wealthy and powerful. One day, a woman whose husband is a client of Adriana confronts her and wants her to stop. It all leads to Adriana, not only giving a jail-house seminar on running your ‘business’, but getting bailed out by a very powerful man.

On Top is an interesting short that doesn’t treat prostitution as anything other than a business, one that might be illegal, but a business nonetheless. I’m giving On Top 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s very well put together, the acting is great and it’s a short that could lead to a larger project! Find out more by heading over to http://travestefilms.com.