One More Time (2008) – by Brian Morton

 They say that the best jokes are the simplest jokes and I’m a firm believer in that theory. Well, a new movie by Randy DeFord, One More Time, proves that theory perfectly.

The story here is pretty simple, a woman arrives home only to get a call on her cell phone inviting her to a theme party. Well, she accepts and sets about getting ready. Then the phone rings and she learns that the theme has changed, so off comes the first makeup and on goes a new themed makeup.

Now, while this might sound like an irritating night you might have had once, when it’s happening to someone else right in front of you, it’s very funny! The first time is annoying, the second time you become irritated, but by the fourth or fifth time (if you’re like me) you become homicidal!

The beauty of One More Time is that it’s all shot from one camera in one place (on the makeup table), so what we see is actress Cassandra Schomer getting ready, getting unready, then getting re-ready, and, with every ring of her cell phone, we see her patience unraveling. It’s a real tribute to Ms. Schomer’s talent to be able to stand in front of a still camera and still bring such manic energy to this short. And speaking of short, this one is less than 10 minutes long, so a joke that might well wear on your nerves if it’s carried on too long, lasts just long enough to get that our heroine is past the point of annoyed and still stay in the realm of funny…and not pass into the realm of irritating…something that many makers of comedy shorts do too often. I’m giving One More Time four out of four cigars, because besides thinking how annoying it might be to put makeup on and take it off just in general, seeing it done repeatedly left me feeling very happy to be a man and not have to worry about any of that! So, until next time, when I’ll be planning a party of my own…just to annoy my friends…remember that the best movies are bad movies.