Oui Girls (1982) – By Duane L. Martin

Back in the day, there was a French porn magazine called Lui that was subsequently licensed by Playboy and released in this country under the title Oui as a direct competition to Penthouse magazine’s more explicit style.

Now here we have a film called Oui Girls. Is it related to the magazine? I’m not sure to be perfectly honest. That was my first thought when I saw the title, but I really have no idea if it is or not. I also didn’t know what to expect when I popped it in the player, but I can tell you this. Whatever I expected, I got a whole lot more.

The main focal point of Oui Girls is a swinger’s ranch called the Circle S. Everyone in the film eventually ends up there. For those of you out there who’ve been sheltered your whole lives, swinging is the practice of swapping sex partners with other married or committed couples, the premise of which is that it strengthens the core relationships because it eliminates jealousy and satisfies sexual desires that would cause people in non-swinging couples to cheat, thereby causing divorce and other bad feelings.

The film focuses on several different couples and other single swingers, and it’s full of some of the cheesiest acting you’ll find anywhere, but it’s cheesy in a really fun and enjoyable way. The women are generally really attractive and the sex is actually quite good for a film from this era.

Now, why was I surprised by what this film was? Mostly because I thought it was going to be another boring, softcore film with a lame story. Fortunately, it was the exact opposite of that. There’s really nothing that happens in the first scene that would lead you to think so, but the second scene…I just so totally wasn’t expecting that happens, and when I saw it, I was laughing so hard I actually had to stop the movie because I didn’t want to miss anything while I was laughing. The second scene is just absolutely hilarious and totally out of the blue. I’m not going to say what it is here, but my god it was funny.

The rest of the film is fun as well, and the attitudes and actions of the various characters are fairly realistic given the settings and circumstances.

Now this is a full on porn film, which means you see everything with regards to the sexual contact. It still would have been fun as a softcore film, but I think being full on hardcore really added that something extra to it that pushed it from being a really good film, to being a great film. Will it win any Oscars? No, absolutely not, but it is a really fun and enjoyable experience that will probably get you in the mood if you’re watching it with someone you’re really into.

No special features here, but none are really needed. Do I recommend it? Hell yeah I recommend it. If you’re not a prude, this is a really fun film, and that second scene…it’s worth the price of the film all by itself! Do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a copy of this one.

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