Our Beautiful Secret (2014) – Jason S. Lockard

His name is Jonathan Peavey, almost thirty years ago the doctors told his parents not to expect him to live long. Born with cerebral palsy, practically mute and perpetually challenged, what’s a man to do? Everything.

This documentary follows Jonathan’s amazing story of survival. Many life threatening events in such a short time! Most would have given up, but not Jonathan! He pressed on, overcoming the odds. This is an inspirational story, but it’s not all about Jonathan. This film is about a loving family determined to live a normal life, brought about by their faith in God. Through the stares, the hateful comments and more, love truly conquers all!

This DVD not only includes the 78 minute documentary but it also includes bonus features; deleted scenes, uncut interviews, behind the scenes fun and auditions. This film will inspire you to believe that with God all things are possible! If you would like to pick up a copy of this DVD or just learn more about this film visit www.ourbeautifulsecretmovie.com.

Moral Rating: Nothing offensive
Audience: All audiences
Genre: Documentary
DVD Length: Over 2 hours
DVD Released: 2014
DVD Rating: A