Out of My Mind (2016) – By Philip Smolen


Carter (Rusty James) is a writer who likes to put himself into his novels. So in his latest work Carter writes about attending a mystery writer’s event at a local watering hole. Once there, he begins to shoot the breeze with his friend Louis (Michael Orton Edwards). Then Carter catches sight of a beautiful and mysterious blonde (Mina Fedora) eyeing him. Carter attempts to meet her, but is denied when her hulking boyfriend (Clint Calvert) shows up. Humiliated, Carter goes back to the bar and decides to exact his revenge by incorporating the woman into his latest novel. He imagines that the boyfriend is actually a raving psychopath who kills the blonde after making love to her. However, when Carter stops writing for the night, he can’t forget about the ravishing beauty he created. Slowly, he begins to feel her presence in his apartment. Unable to sleep, Carter is certain that the woman is right there with him. But how real can a figment of one’s imagination be? And if someone writes about an imaginary murder, does that mean that it could have actually happened?

“Out of My Mind” is a new 15 minute short film from actress/producer/director Cindy Maples and it’s a goose bump inducing psychological mini-thriller. Playing very much like an old “Twilight Zone” short, Maples deftly blurs the lines between fantasy and reality and plunges Carter into a crazed world of murder and madness. Carter exacts his revenge on the blonde by having her boyfriend kill her in his novel, but as the night drags on, the writer is unable to shake the feeling that the woman is real and that he is responsible for her death.

Maples has an innate understanding of what’s creepy and what’s not. She knows that shadows and dark lit rooms are naturally frightening and eerie. She also knows that what you don’t show can sometimes be scarier than what you do. This anticipation of what’s there and what’s not greatly enhances the film’s atmosphere and helps builds an ominous mood of anticipation.

Rusty James (Maples’s real life husband) gives a memorable performance as Carter. It’s great seeing him slowly lose his grip on reality as he comes to the realization that he may have caused a real murder. Mina Fedora is also wonderful as the mysterious blonde who doesn’t understand what happened to her. Her performance is equal parts sexy, moody and mysterious.

Featuring great atmospheric photography from Joe Atkinson and a terrific music score by Mina Fedora, “Out of My Mind” is a superior cinematic short that breathes new life into the psychological thriller genre. It’s a stunning and suspenseful film that’s sure to raise the hairs on your arms.

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