Over Coffee (2010) – By Cary Conley

Super sweet Andrew is carrying a secret torch for the gorgeous Carla who works as a secretary for their boss on the floor above Andrew’s office. Andrew’s friend David fancies himself a lady’s man and is a bit overbearing. He constantly harasses Andrew about his infatuation with Carla and constantly tries to one-up Andrew in front of Carla like it’s a contest to see who will gain her favor first. Andrew is always looking for an excuse to go see Carla and is just waiting for the perfect moment to ask her out. But today, Carla is a little flustered as her boss is coming in earlier than expected, she doesn’t have his notes ready for him, and worse–she’s forgotten his daily coffee. Andrew volunteers to pick up the coffee but it’s swiped by a rude woman who is in such a hurry she grabs the wrong order. Desperate to come through for Carla and show he’s a stand-up guy, Andrew chases the woman down and swipes the coffee back, arriving just as the boss walks in. Upset that Carla forgot his coffee, the boss sends her on a wild goose chase for some office supplies but Andrew catches up with her outside the office building and takes the chance to finally admit his feelings for Carla. Embarrassed, Andrew turns to go, but Carla stops him. The two are planning their first date when Andrew catches a glimpse of something heading towards him very quickly. And that something isn’t very happy that her coffee is now missing….

Over Coffee is a gently funny, 15-minute comedic short that truly is sweet, just like Andrew. Writer/director Sean Meehan has created a terrific little film here that showcases some very good acting. Erik Potempa is excellent as nice-guy Andrew. It’s nice to see the good guy win the girl every once in a while, even if he has to bend a few rules to get her. Jocelyn DeBoer is also very good as the harried secretary who’s too busy to notice all the guys in the office. She is also sweet, if a bit unorganized, and is simply gorgeous. No wonder all the guys in the office melt when they see her. And Michael Oberholtzer is very funny as Andrew’s oversexed friend David who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Rounding out the cast is Timothy J. Cox as the brash boss. He’s a bit of a handful, both condescending and rude to the employees. But he gets his comeuppance during his first few sips of that precious coffee thanks to a phone call from his mother.

Over Coffee is a fun little film that will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. If you’d like to view the film, go to either www.overcoffeemovie.com or http://www.vimeo.com/9335001.