Over Coffee (2010) – By Matt Barry

A quirky and fast-paced comedy, Over Coffee – from director Sean Meehan – tells the story of Andrew, an office worker with a crush on the boss’s secretary, Carla. After he finds himself with a rivalry with a coworker for Carla’s attention, Andrew has the chance to save the day and prove himself by running out to fetch the boss’s very particular morning cup of coffee, and make it back in time before he arrives.

The comedy is centered around this race-against-the-clock structure, as Andrew hurries to the coffee shop and is just about to make it back when the drink is picked up by another customer. He has to hunt it down and return it to the office before the boss arrives in order to prove himself to Carla.

A fun short comedy, with some engaging performances (particularly Jocelyn DeBoer as Carla), there are some moments toward the beginning that drag a bit, mainly in the dialogue between Andrew and his coworker. Once the film gets underway, though, the comedy quickly picks up and maintains a good pace throughout. The ending is touching and funny at the same time, and wraps the story up well.

For more details about the film, and to view it online, go to: http://www.overcoffeemovie.com