Over Coffee (2012) – By Brian Morton

Anyone who’s ever held a job has had that crush on a co-worker. Don’t pretend that you’ve never seen (or been involved with) it, because we all know better!! Well, a new short called Over Coffee takes a look at this kind of office romance in a pretty unique way.

Andrew is crazy about Carla, a secretary that works for his boss. He finds excuses to take paperwork to her and just hang around her. Well, when the boss calls and is making an unexpected appearance, Carla realizes that she’s forgotten his coffee…which is very important to the tyrannical boss! So, seeing his chance, Andrew offers to forego his own work and make the very specific coffee run for her…which leads to some interesting problems for Andrew.

Over Coffee is one of the better romantic shorts that I’ve seen. The story has a real quality to it and Erik Potempa as Andrew and Erica DeBoer as Carla are perfectly cast. And, let’s not forget Timothy J. Cox as the boss…who has a pretty funny moment when he gets a phone call from home!  Writer / director Sean Meehan has captured a piece of office politics perfectly; it’s romantic and just plain fun!

I’m giving Over Coffee 4 out of 4 cigars, if you’ve ever worked with other people; you’ll see someone here that you know! Find out more by heading over to http://www.timothyjcox.com.