Paper-Mache (2009) – By Brian Morton

“Let’s make a movie!”. It’s a common cry among some people, the problem is with getting the money together to actually finance your little plan. Well, that’s the story, sort of, behind Elliot Diviney’s Paper-Mache.

Five friends have a script, but when they’re turned down by a producer, they decide that it’d be easier to raise the money for the film themselves. Each has to raise $1500 to get the movie rolling, and each has their own plan to get the money. Plans including running some drugs, illegal gambling, stealing a dog and kidnapping. The problem is that these schemes are about as well planned out as their movie…so things go wrong rather quickly!

Diviney has put together a low-budget, twenty-something caper movie…maybe the first one I’ve ever seen. And he’s done it with such a great sense of friendship and humor, you can’t help but sit back, laugh and wish you were part of this group of friends. Funny, farcical and very well done, Paper-Mache is one of the best buddy comedy/crime movies I’ve ever seen! I’m giving Paper-Mache 4 out of 4 cigars, if you and your buddies are looking for a laugh, then you should definitely head over to to check it out and find out more.