Parker & Steve: A Bro-com (2013) – By Philip Smolen

Parker (Brennan Taylor) and his best buddy Steve (Tim Intravia) are two young regular guys that are trying to succeed in the Big Apple. Parker wants to be a great rapper, while Steve wants to channel his inner Jack Kerouac and write that impressive once-in-a generation novel. Both men, unfortunately, are not making good on their dreams. Steve makes a living as a human statue (a job he’s not very good at) and Parker likes to loaf around a lot; although he does have a van and can help you move. Together these two likeable goofballs do all they can to navigate the treacherous employment and dating waters of New York City.

“Parker and Steve” is a new 19 episode bro-com web series from writer/producer Tim Intravia, director Kyle Fox and Lost Boys Productions. Each web-isode runs about 7 minutes. In the pilot, Steve picks up two young hotties while on statue duty, but his costume eyewear gives new meaning to the term “rose colored glasses.” In the second episode called “Idiot” both Parker and Steve fail miserably with attractive members of the opposite sex.

This series has great potential, and I was smiling from the opening minute of the pilot. Taylor and Intravia are charming and quite appealing as the best friends. They also have great comedic timing. Both try their best to succeed, but are just totally clueless. Parker dresses up like Vanilla Ice, while Steve is so inept as a statue that he doesn’t even realize that he’s being robbed by a homeless woman.

If the remaining 17 episodes of the series continue to build on the funny foundation of the first two, “Parker and Steve” could be a real winner for Intravia, Fox and Lost Boys Productions.

This series is especially appealing to any guy who bombed out at picking up girls when he was single. Take heart, fellas. No matter how badly you screwed up your dating days, Parker and Steve’s ineptitude will have you thinking that you were Rico Suave!

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