Pastime (1990) – By Jason S. Lockard

I love baseball movies! The National Pastime! The men that play this game are larger than life, but what we must realize is that they are just men. Men with problems and shortcomings. Echo Bridge Entertainment sent me a copy of their release ‘Pastime’ and needless to say I popped this one in the DVD player almost immediately!

Pastime follows Roy Dean Bream (William Russ of Boy Meets World) an aging minor-league baseball player who befriends a 17 year old rookie pitcher named Tyrone Debray. All this is well an fine, but its 1957 and Tyrone is black. The two must deal with racism, but this only makes them closer friends. The time has comes for Roy to be sent into retirement. How would Roy deal with life without baseball? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

Sadly this DVD holds no bonus features. It’s just the bare bones movie, but what a movie. It is a heart warming yet heart breaking drama. No Bonus feature for me is the only downside in this release.

So if you enjoy movies about the national pastime as much as I do! I highly suggest you head over to or your local DVD provider and get your copy Pastime. This is one movie that was hit out of the park.

Moral Rating: Racism, Adult themes
Audience: Parental guidance
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hour 35 minutes
DVD Released: 2013
DVD Rating: A-