Pay the Ghost (2015) – By Jason S. Lockard


I think we all can agree that when Nicolas Cage has the right role he is absolutely amazing! But here recently Nicholas Cage has been taking B-movie style role that seem to not give him the opportunity to show off those acting chops! Has that changed with the new project Pay the ghost. Let’s find out!

Cage plays a university professor named Mike who specializes in teaching horror literature such as The legend of Sleepy Hallow. So intent on success he is neglecting his wife Kristen (Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Grimms of The Walking Dead) and their son Charlie. With it being Halloween Kristen takes Charlie trick or treating which Mike misses. Than Mike shows up late with great news he has received tenure; to which he promises, “Everything’s going to be better now.” Oh No!

Mike convinces Kristen to allow him to take Charlie to the Halloween carnival. While buying Charlie an ice cream Charlie disappears. Mike and Kristen distraught at Charlie’s disappearance, separate. One year later Mike begins seeing Charlie and an ominousĀ  phrase around the town “pay the ghost.” Mike must unravel the mystery to try to rescue his son.

This film is a bit predictable and while Nicolas Cage’s performance leaves something to be desired the film isn’t a total bust. If you go into this film looking for a mystery crime drama instead of a full on horror film, you won’t be too disappointed.

So for Nicholas Cage fans or mystery lovers this is one for you. Head over to your local DVD provider or go to for more info on this release.

Moral Rating: Violence and some adult language
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: thriller / mystery / sci-fi / horror
Length: 94 minutes
Released: 2015
Our Rating: B