Peacock (2013) – By Misty Layne

It’s rare for me to feel old. I’m 33…I have pink hair…I have no husband or kids…and I look like I’m about 23, so parts of that whole being an adult thing just still haven’t quite taken with me. However, Peacock, a film by Kurt Frausun, made me feel like a bona fide grown up. Why, you say? Because I just didn’t get it.

Here’s the film synopsis:

An artist searches for his Muse in a surrealistic landscape of masked characters, nightmares and sexual deviancy, in the form of a Video Diary. On his journey, the world takes form as a reflection of his psychosis, meeting and parting with numerous women who he thinks will inspire his greatest works.

I’m a big fan of surrealism, of abstract art and experimental cinema. I seek out the strange and macabre. This though…essentially what this felt like to me was as if I was watching an almost hour long music video. The majority of the film is done in an acid-soaked, trippy style with images being doubled and colors everywhere. Only one scene stood out to me as being an actual scene where our main character (at least I think he was the main character) in a white mask starts throwing paint on large sheets. The rest of the movie simply blended together into a musical rainbow journey. Admittedly, this was fun to watch, at least for a while. There were some really cool things going on with the abstract art but the entire concept would have worked so much better for a shorter film. Hell, I don’t even know if Mr. White Mask found his Muse or not.

I really wish I could praise this film because I really wish I had liked it or even understood it. And I feel like experimental cinema should be praised because it can be so rare to find these days, unless you know where to look. Not to mention that in browsing Mr. Frausun’s site, a lot of his influences are the same influences as mine. I SHOULD have gotten this. So while it was beautiful to behold and had some kickawesome music, I still have to be the old person here, standing on their house porch, yelling, “Get off my lawn, ya damn kids, with yer rock’n’roll music and long hair!”

While this wasn’t for me, it might very well be for you. Check out the trailer for Peacock HERE or check out Frausun’s site to learn more about the film and its creator.