Perry St. (2011) – By Matt Barry

Perry St centers around the efforts of Ryan Thomas (Mark Epperson) to break free of his problems. Ryan is a successful banker but can’t seem to enjoy life. When he finally meets a woman whom he can relate to, and sees his life setting off a new course. Meanwhile, his therapist, Elaine (Catherine Mary Stewart) battles with her husband – a fellow therapist – over her frustration in treating Ryan.

Ryan finally learns to express himself through his renewed interest in his writing, which his new girlfriend sends samples of to a publisher, resulting in a book deal. But just as things are looking up for Ryan, his girlfriend announces that she is leaving him. There is one final, unexpected twist though, revealing the therapist’s most unusual methods.

This character piece is written and directed by Antonio Padovan. The tone is really enhanced by the performances of the leads, and the music score consists of a nice mix of American standards that set the New York setting well.

All in all, Perry St. is an enjoyable short character comedy. It is available for viewing online at: