Peter’s Rough Cut (2012) – By Emily Intravia

Peter’s Rough Cut is an 8-minute film from Hoplite Productions following a frustrated but film-loving young man (Ben Barraclough) on a thoughtful New Year’s morning walk home. Bored with his wealthy, shallow friends, Pete wanders the snow covered streets as a narrator (writer/producer Jordan Greenhough) reads out his thoughts.
The style is less a cinematic journey than a short story onscreen. The only voice we hear comes from the unseen third person narrator, who details Peter’s stream of conscious more like an author than screenwriter. It’s hard to really feel anything for our twenty-something hero, who seems to focus all his thoughts on looking down upon characters we never actually see or get to know. The effect makes Peter’s Rough Cut hard to “like,” per say, but even in the short running time, director/editor Mark Minas demonstrates some interesting and promising skills.
As Peter heads down long stretches of empty road in West Yorkshire, the camera captures some true beauty and inspiration in his winter setting. It’s easy to imagine this cinematography talent being utilized on a larger scale, and though Peter’s story doesn’t yet seem ready for a full-length feature, the short definitely captures a strong eye that is.
To learn more about Peter’s Rough Cut, visit Hoplite Productions official Facebook page here.