PIckup (2016) – By Misty Layne


Director Jeremiah Kipp’s latest film, Pickup, makes one ponder the ins and outs of addiction and the extents people will go to, to hide theirs. The short focuses on Megan, wife and mother of a small child, who also happens to be a sex addict, as her needs start to grow out of control. Sex addiction isn’t touched upon a ton in films – maybe because no matter what people say, sex is still taboo – and this is an intriguing and heartbreaking look at the disease and its repercussions.

In just a couple of days, Megan manages to have sex with (I think) five men who are not her husband. She finds them on Tindr or a similar type of site, then meets them for quickies wherever they’re available. Like with most addictions, once the need is fed and the adrenaline and endorphins have worn off, the shame starts, causing a vicious cycle. In between romps, Megan is living her life – which appears to be bored housewife of rich man – with grocery shopping trips and picking her son up from pre-school. Eventually though the two parts of her life struggling to avoid each other overlap, causing an incident that leaves her husband suspicious, her son’s teachers judgmental, and herself more numb than ever.

Pickup is dark, moody, atmospheric, with a dreamlike quality at times, as if we’re looking through Megan’s eyes while in that blissed out state every addict reaches when they’ve gotten their fix. Mandy Evans as Megan is fucking phenomenal. She makes a statement just by being onscreen. Griffin Robert Faulkner as Liam,the son, is the cutest guy in the world AND an excellent actor. The story is tight; the music is wonderful. There’s really no bad here, guys.

Kipp has made yet another beautiful film to add to his ever-growing collection dark, moody shorts. And gotta say, I’d be super-excited to see a collaboration between all these guys again one day. Just sayin’.

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