Pie Money (2012) – By Michael Smith

Written and directed by Andrew Salamonczyk Pie Money is a short film about a widower who is still coming to terms with his recent loss and suddenly comes into a lot of money from his dead wife’s lottery win.

Denis (Laurence Inman) is a depressed, lost and stoic man who is having trouble dealing with his bereavement. He works in a small pie factory with Jack (Michael Coombes) who has big dreams. Their boss, pie factory owner Mr Duda (Victor Ptak) is an eccentric man who is losing his business.

When Mr Duda and Jack learn of Denis’s lottery winnings, both men try to interest him in various ways to spend the money. With so much to think about, Denis doesn’t know which way to turn.

Filmed with the Canon 5D MKII, Pie Money looks brilliant. The shots are all very well placed, at the start of the film, each shot appears to be framed from a low angle, showing the low mood of the main protagonist. As the film progresses the camera angles reflect the advancement of the story.

The sound on the film is spot on, without ever intruding on the action and fits the scenes like a glove. The background “noise” adds an authenticity to the setting.

All the actors acquitted themselves well and the three men worked very well together as the people who saw each other everyday and yet knew nothing apart from the surface things about each other. Great performances by all.

This is a feel good film that has a gentle humor and uses almost stereotypical English characters to good effect. These are people you’ve met and worked with. Pie Money has been playing on the film festival circuit and I expect it to continue to run for some time.