Pig Hunt (2008) – By Cary Conley

John Hickman is taking his buddies and his girlfriend to his Uncle’s old hunting shack for a weekend of boar hunting.  He hasn’t been there since his beloved Uncle, who raised him when his parents died, wandered off into the woods in a drunken stupor and shot himself.

Along the way, the group meets some of John’s long-lost hillbilly friends who attach themselves to the group so they can lead them to the best hunting grounds.  These woods are legendary for a rumored giant boar that stands as tall as a man and weights a ton-and-a-half.

The group accidentally stumbles onto a huge marijuana field grown by a group of local hippie throwbacks.  As John’s hillbilly friends start bagging up the marijuana, a confrontation ensues ending with one of the hillbillies accidentally being shot and killed.  This starts an all-out war between the group of friends and the hillbilly’s family.  For good measure, the hippies get involved, ostensibly to protect their marijuana crop.

If this sounds like a fun but mindless horror/action flick, that’s because it is.  All the stereotypical characters are here, including the good guy and his pretty girlfriend who is more of a man than most of the others.  We also have the misfit who could trip over a blade of grass while crossing his yard as well as a couple of loud, foul-mouthed big-talkers who think they’re are "all that" but really aren’t.  Then we have the slimy, dirty hillbillies as red herrings for the real bad guys who are actually…you guessed it:  the seemingly harmless hippies.

This is an exploitation quickie and is really a fun little film.  It may not win any awards, but for some mindless entertainment on a Friday night, this one can’t miss.  Plenty of blood and gore, some funny jokes and one-liners, naked hippy girls running through the forest, and a giant, man-eating boar.  The acting ranges from average to very good and I really enjoyed the soundtrack as well–definitely a backwoods, hillbilly type of soundtrack that fit the film well.  My one quibble was with the whiny misfit character who cried like a baby at every turn and was really very annoying.  I knew he would die because the film’s plot was like every backwoods horror film ever made and played by all the typical stalk and slash rules, but his death couldn’t come quickly enough for me.

Featuring thrills and chills, some hokey dialogue, and plenty of twists and turns in the plot, there are also some last-minute revelations that clear up the mystery of John’s Uncle’s mysterious death as well as the origin of the legend of the giant pig.  All-in-all, not a bad way to pass 90 minutes if you have nothing better to do.

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