Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

No doubt we all know the story of the wooden puppet Pinocchio who longs to be a real boy! Top Shelf Productions and creators Dusty Higgins and Van Jensen bring us a brand new take on the classic story with Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer.

The story follows Pinocchio after he sees Geppetto die at the hands of vampires. Pinocchio swears to avenge his father’s death. The vampires are planning to enslavement all of mankind. Now Pinocchio goes from revenge to trying to save the word. Can the small wooden boy defeat an army of the undead with just his wits and an endless supply of ‘stakes’! (Yeah I’m sure we all know! Tell a lie! Nose grows! ‘Snap’! Instant stake!) You’ll have to read this graphic novel to find out if Pinocchio has what it takes to save the world!

This graphic novel is off the wall, hilarious, dark and lots of fun. The black and white artwork reminds me of an old film noir. It’s mysterious and funny! This book balances the goofy concept with the dark story of vampires and what results is an amazingly fun read! Once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down!

When you read the title your first thoughts are ‘no way am I reading this’! I erg you don’t let the title fool you this is a fun book filled with hours of enjoyment. Head over to and find out how to get your copy today!

Moral Rating: mild violence
Audience: teens and adults, may not be suitable for small children
Genre: comic book
Released: 2014
Rating: A+