Piracy (2014) – By Loida Garcia

We’ve all seen the banners before movies that warn us against piracy.  Most of us have never really paid that much attention to them, at least not seriously.  Honestly, what could possibly go wrong?  

This short film shows you exactly what can go wrong…

And here we go!

Opening credits….wait…I know this music, this sounds oddly familiar.  No, it can’t be…would they really?  *Googles “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” music*  Yep!  They sure did!  
During the opening credits of Piracy we are greeted with the oh so well known theme from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Perhaps the director’s way of letting us know what is to come?  Thirty-seven seconds into the opening credits and I can already tell that this is going to be a poorly thought out (cinematically) movie.  Perhaps it’s just bad editing, but even if you have an extremely low budget why edit in pictures (in the credits of all places) that look so cheesy and horrid?  It would have been better to have left the credits without any photos and just left it as the music and names.  

From the very beginning I caught myself chanting “Just think of it as a summer student film project…..just think of it as a summer student film project….”  I still kept my expectations a bit higher then I would normally keep them being that I was extremely interested in how they were going to tie in the concept of piracy.  As time progressed those expectations keep dwindling a bit.   

This film was obviously filmed with low tech sound equipment (a rather common occurrence being that sound is one of the most difficult parts to master).  Just an observation that I let slide.  When it came to the extras in the movie theater lobby scene I did feel as if every single one was dressed as an Emo except for the two leads and the employee.  It seemed visually odd and didn’t flow at all.  The cop uniforms were also poorly thought out.  But again, I understand that having a low budget means making do with what you’ve got and at least they got the point across that they were cops.

Putting aside the blatant low budget and cheesiness quality of the film, as well as the “eh” acting, story wise it was conceptually good.  I really feel that if the script was polished just a bit more this could turn out to be a great concept for a movie.  If this was a 24 hour film project then I would rate it extremely highly…but being that it is not and they had time to really work on it and tweak some things (which they didn’t), my rating for it will be a bit lower.  

Would I recommend this?  So long as you are looking for a short conceptual film idea that’s YouTube quality, yes.  

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Skip It

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Teleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Limburger