Planet Dead (2011) – By Brian Morton

If you know me then you know I love me a good zombie movie! So, when I got Larry Greene’s Planet Dead in my inbox, I couldn’t wait to drop it into the DVD player!

Planet Dead begins after the zombie holocaust has begun, a small military band is trying to find a syrum that could be the cure to what’s happened to the population. When they find it, they need to store it somewhere until their helicopter picks them up….so, they find a bar (they need refridgeration) to hole up in. The problem comes when the bar is occupied by another group of people, now our band of mercenaries has to protect these civilians, while waiting for their transport.

While Planet Dead is a pretty good low budget zombie movie, it doesn’t really break any new ground. This is really more of the same, zombies are over-running society, a small group of survivors must find a way to survive until help arrives. And, while Greene’s use of digital effects give this a much bigger feel than it clearly has, the story isn’t nearly fresh enough for my tastes. Now, don’t think I’m hating this movie, I’ve seen much worse! The acting is great, the story is serviceable and the overall feel of Planet Dead made me feel like Larry and his cast and crew really loved making this movie…and blowing up Chicago is a really nice touch too!!

I’m giving Planet Dead 3 out of 4 cigars, if you’re looking for a completely different type of zombie movie, then you’ll be disappointed, but if you just love this kind of story…then sit back and enjoy my friends! Find our more for yourself by heading over to