Planet Void (2016) – By Duane L. Martin


Decades ago a meteor came down to Earth and released a mold that killed off the entirety of the male population.  Since then, the women have been reshaping the world in their own image, though they’ve been saving the sperm in the sperm banks and using it on donated eggs once a year to help maintain the population, and hopefully to also reintroduce males to the species if and when the mold ever dies off.  Also, the women are all lesbians now simply because there are no men left to get into relationships with.

One day after a liquid lunch, a woman named Allison (Lorna Noguiera) takes a back road through the woods home in hopes of avoiding the cops.  While she did avoid the cops, what she didn’t avoid was the UFO she ran into with a lizard-like green alien who impregnated her with an egg, that she later coughed up.  Now the alien wants the egg, and in exchange he’s offering a hybrid DNA that will allow mold-immune males to once again populate the Earth.  Unfortunately, the reason he wants the egg are rather nefarious, which Allison comes to find out when another alien that looks like a brain with three eyes appears and reveals his enemy’s secret plot.  Now she has to decide what to do with the eggs she’s been impregnated with.  Does she give them to the alien to get the hybrid DNA in exchange, or does she destroy them to stop his evil plans?  What’s a girl to do?

Michael Legge makes silly films that are full of ridiculous nonsense, and thank God he does.  There’s a lack of these kinds of films in the world of independent films, and I’m honestly not sure why.  I don’t know if there’s a lack of demand, or just a lack of people who can make these types of films well, but there just aren’t enough of them out there.

Now, as for this particular film, what do you get?  You get a considerable amount of fun but cheesy looking CGI, an entertaining story, and varying levels of acting ability, much of which comes down to line delivery.  Since Michael Legge has a group of regulars that appear in his films, I’m used to seeing this and I already know what some of the performances will be like going in.  Oddly enough, even those who give the stiffest, most recited line deliveries add to his films, whereas in other films it would detract from them considerably.  Why?  Because with Michael’s films these performances are all a part of the charm.  They’re the reason you watch films like this with a smile playing at the corner of your mouth.

As for the CGI, I was actually surprised at how much of it there was in this film.  Most of it looked like it was made about ten or more years ago as far as quality, but it was used in an effective and entertaining way that added to the story rather than detracting from it.

I think my only real complaint about the film was the low quality of the video.  With HD cameras so readily available and inexpensive nowadays, I would have liked to have seen better quality in the video.  I mean, we’re even seeing people recording films on their cell phones, so I’d definitely like to see more than standard HD quality.  Aside from that, it was edited well and moved along at an appropriate pace for the story, and the sound was decent, though at first I did have a little difficulty catching what the alien was saying.  That was probably just a personal issue on my part though.

Oh, and there was one little fun goof in the film that was fairly easy to catch.  There’s a scene where Allison is in the car with someone else, and it’s just the two of them in there.  Then an alien egg she was carrying gets destroyed, and if you look in the rear view mirror, you can see Michael Legge sitting in the back seat.  I guess he was sitting back there filming the shot and got caught in the mirror.  Again, it’s these little things that bring a smile to your face and make the movie even more fun.

The DVD of the film includes some great special features, including commentary, trailers and a radio style play called Fussy Eagleton Secret Busboy, where a giant, disembodied foot is destroying the city.  It’s very well done and delivers on the goofy fun.

It’s impossible to watch one of Michael Legge’s films without it bringing a smile to your face.  I’m personally partial to his Dr. Dreck films, and I keep hoping he’ll make another one someday, but all of his films are fun, and this one is no exception.

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