PMS Cop (2014) – By Misty Layne

What happens when someone comes up with the idea to take the concept of PMS and turn it into a dark comedy/horror film? You get the movie PMS Cop, about a woman who in her role as a cop, is caught on camera beating the crap out of a clown rapist (yes, you read that correctly…). After being forced to apologize to the community for her showing of "police violence", Mary and her partner are moved from the night shift to the day shift and it is suggested that Mary attend therapy/anger management. She does go to one session where the "doctor" suggests that this recent incidence was due to it being her time of the month, and by association, PMS. He sends her off to a clinical trial where a new drug is being tested that is supposed to ease the psychological symptoms of PMS. It’s a funky trial where not only do they give you drugs but they also microchip you to collect data. There’s no way this can go well.

Next up is an emotional trauma that sets Mary off on a killing spree – the trauma being reinforced by the PMS drug which ends up making her surprisingly strong and starts having some other nasty side effects (besides making her into a homicidal maniac of course). And the rest of the movie is just one death after another as Mary (or PMS Cop) randomly starts killing anyone she comes across before being caught by the clinical trial’s security team and taken to the lab for examination. Obviously, things go quite wrong there as well and it’s all just blood trails after that.

The script for this movie isn’t very good so a lot of the dialogue is clunky and at times is simply one person repeating exactly what another person has just said. I don’t think the filmmakers were going for a strong, witty script though since 90% of the movie is focused on death and gore. While there might have been failings in writing area, the blood and gore effects made up for it, at least a little bit. The effects were solid and pretty gross me out at times, so it had that going for it. The plot didn’t make a lot of sense as a whole – obviously we’re meant to suspend disbelief for this concept but introducing a random psychic into the mix for foreshadowing and a bunch of over the top, silly security guards just to have more deaths is pushing things just a little. I’m thinking the filmmakers were going for a grindhouse throwback experience here and if so, they did manage to accomplish that to a point.

There was also the matter of the acting. There were few people here who managed their characters – one in particular being Dr. Sokolov, the doctor in charge of the clinical trial. Elaine Jenkins as Dr. Sokolov was truly the most believable character here and she was a dramatically soap opera-ish villain with an accent. The majority of the cast were either underacting or overacting with no fine line in between.

If it’s over the top death and action you’re looking for then PMS Cop is for you, otherwise I’d look for a different film. If you’d like to learn more about PMS Cop, you can visit the film’s website.