Portlandia Season 1 (2011) – By Jason S. Lockard

I recently received the new MVD release of the complete first season of the IFC’s comedy Portlandia. This 2010 series from co-creators and stars SNL’s Fred Arminsen and musician/actress Carrie Brownstein takes a dreamy and absurd look at life in Portland, Oregon.

For those that are not familiar with this series. It is a sketch comedy series of sorts, featuring recurring characters including an organic farmer/cult leader; members of an adult hide and seek league, owners of a feminist book store; a militant bike messenger; and an artsy couple who attach cut-outs of birds to everything.

This offbeat comedy series is not for everyone. In fact I found myself not laughing to much at the comedy; though the last episode was the best of the six so that gives me hope for season two to be better! Fans of ‘SNL’ or ‘Kids in the Hall’ would more than likely revel in this series.

Now for The DVD itself it features six pristinely transferred season one episodes complete with bonus features including blooper reels, extended scenes, deleted scenes, videos of Fred Arminsen speaking to the OES graduates, Thunder Ant videos, Season two preview, and commentaries over all six episode all for just $19.95. Than there is the combo pack you can get a DVD and a Blue Ray copy for just $26.95 Not a bad deal!

So if you’re a fan of Portlandia or a fan of SNL style comedy this would be a great pick up for you! Head over to MVDb2b.com and get your copy today!

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Moral Rating: Some Adult Humor
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: Comedy
Length: 135 min.
Released: 2011
Our Rating: C+