Post-Mortem (2010) – By Brian Morton

Serial killers are fascinating, let’s face it, we’ve all seen the movies, the documentaries, even the TV series about them, and it seems that America just can’t get enough. Well, they’re a particular interest to Anthony Spadaccini, his past few movies have dealt with a serial killing couple, the Montgomery’s, this time out, Spadaccini takes a secondary character from those movies and moves him front and center.

Post-Mortem is a story of John Craven, a serial killer who not only knows what he is, but revels in the blood and death that he deals to others. John takes troubled teens and makes them into killers too, that’s where Seth comes in. Seth is a teen from a bad family, who’s had friends commit suicide and is self-destructive himself. The predator Craven sees this and inserts himself into Seth’s life, eventually convincing Seth that killing people is just something you do to end their pain…after all, aren’t his friends killing themselves, maybe we should do it for them, and if we enjoy it, so much the better. The issues arise when, it turns out, Seth has a conscience and doesn’t want to kill any more.

Post-Mortem is an interesting story of a predator and his prey, but it’s really not a story that Spadaccini hasn’t told us before. While the previous movies, The Ritual and Head Case, have used a family as the starting point, this time, it’s a single stalker, other than that, this is territory that Spadaccini has traveled with us before. I liked this movie, but I felt like Anthony was retelling me a story that he’d already done well. I’m giving Post-Mortem 3 out of 4 cigars, if you haven’t seen the other two movies, then this is interesting and different, if you have, then it’s really a re-telling of the same story. I’d really like to see Anthony take a step outside of his comfort zone and tell a story in a different style, at least. You can find out more about Post-Mortem by clicking here.